School Routines

This section contains information on the day-to-day issues at school.

  • daily timetable
  • supervision
  • attendance at school
  • lost property
  • medication, illness, accidents
  • head lice
  • emergency evacuation procedures
  • visitor policy
  • students leaving school in school hours
  • late arrival - students


Two bells go before the start of each session.  Students and staff should be ready to start work then.  At conclusion of the day bell for first buss at 2.55pm, only first bus students are to leave at this time.  Everybody is released at 3pm and must go to either the top carpark or the church carpark to be collected.

First Bell
8.45am - 10.40am
Morning session
10.40am - 11.10am
First Lunch
11.10am - 1.10pm
Middle session
1.10pm - 1.40pm
Second Lunch
1.45pm - 3.00pm
Afternoon session
School dismissed

Legally, our supervision starts at 8.20am each morning and children should NOT be dropped off before that time. Supervision in the afternoons concludes with the departure of the last bus at around 3.20pm. Outside School Hours Care is available at St Flannan's OSHC for anyone needing it. This may not be convenient for some but, in the interests of safety for your children, you need to make suitable arrangements. Of course, if an unexpected emergency arises, please contact us and we will try to make arrangements to help you out.


Regular attendance at school is necessary if pupils are to gain the greatest possible benefit from school activities & is indeed a legal requirement.  If your child is absent for any reason, a phone call to the school office on the day of absence is requested and a follow-up note to the class teacher when the child returns should confirm the reasons for his/her absence.  These notes are kept as a record of your child's absence.


All lost property is sent to the School Office.  If property is named it is returned to it's owner.  Any other items are kept for one term and disposed of.


Prescribed medication can only be administered to students during school hours or school activities when a Student Medication Request Form has been completed.  This form must be signed by both the medical practitioners and the parent.  Medication needs  to be supplied in a  container labelled by a pharmacist, showing the name of the drug, the 'use by' date, the name of the student's medical practitioner, the name of the student, the dosage and the frequency of administration.

Children are sent to the sick room by the teacher if they are feeling sick or have had an accident.  School Office staff will assess your child to determine if they need to go home.  In the case of parents or emergency contacts being unable to be contacted, an assessment will be made if an ambulance needs to be called.  All office staff have up to date first aid certificates.


Children who are found to have live head lice will be immediately excluded from class.  Parents will be contacted to pick up their child.  Children can be return to school once the head lice have been treated.


Fire/Emergency evacuation procedures are in place and displayed in all rooms throughout the school.


All visitors to the school must first report to the office the nature of their business and complete the sign on register.  This includes regular classroom helpers.  Visitors will be given a visitors badge to wear.  All teachers are to ensure that classroom helpers are wearing the visitors badge between the hours of 8.40am  and 3.00pm.


Students, once at school, must not leave the school grounds without the permission of parents and administration of the school.  In any case where a student will be leaving the school grounds on a school activity, that student must have a note indicating parental permission.

When students are being collected early for appointments, the parents or guardians must complete the Student Sign In - Sign Out Register and collect the child from the school office.  Parents are asked to notify the teacher in writing that they will be collecting their child early on a given day.


Students who arrive at school after 8.45am must go to the School Office to get a late pass.

Students arriving after the roll is marked i.e. after 9am must be signed in at the Office by their parent or carer.