Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parents and Teachers have a related role in that they are responsible for the spiritual and intellectual growth of the child.

Parents who have a genuine worry concerning a pupil or pupils are welcome to discuss the matter with the Principal and/or the child's teacher.

So often what seems a complex problem can be settled in discussion with the teacher. Unless the matter is of an urgent nature, try to arrange an interview with the teacher before or after school or at any time with the Principal.

Reporting to Parents through interviews

As part of curriculum renewal, our Assessment Policy states that 2-way (parent/teacher) or 3-way (parent/teacher/student) interviews will take place towards the end of Semester 1 each year.  During this interview, the student's work will be displayed in a portfolio and their progress will be discussed. If, however, there are any concerns before or after this interview, please contact the class teacher to arrange a time to speak with you.  At other times, your class teacher may need to meet with you to discuss an area of concern and s/he will contact you if this is deemed necessary.