Medical Forms

​​​​The table MEDICATION TO STUDENTS: ROUTINE, EMERGENCY AND OVER-THE-COUNTER PROCEDURES outlines the procedures necessary to support the administration of routine, emergency and over-the-counter medication to students.  These procedures are guided by the Brisbane Catholic Education ‘Medication to Students: Routine, Emergency and Over-the-Counter’ Policy for schools in the Archdiocese.  Whilst the administration of medication is the responsibility of the parent or carer with legal responsibility for the student, school staff can assist a student with medication under the carer provisions of the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation (1996) where medication is given during school hours or at school activities (BCE Medication to students: Policies and Procedures, August 2011).  St Flannan’s Administration of Medication Policy is guided by and supports the BCE Policy. 

It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to ensure the correct completed forms and clearly labelled medication (as described in the table) are supplied to the School Office so that correct administration of medication can occur.  The school will adhere to requirements listed in the table to ensure the safety of the students.  It is no longer acceptable for parents to provide an informal letter of authority to accompany medication.  Medication that is not clearly labelled by a pharmacist and not supported by the correct Medication Request forms will not be administered by School Staff.
All medication and forms are to be taken to the School Office.  All medication is administered in the School Office.  No medication is stored or administered in classrooms. 
If you require further clarification of the requirements surrounding the administration of medication at St Flannan’s please contact the School Office for assistance.
Jo-Anne Boyle                                                


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