​​​ENROLMENT Procedures  


At St Flannan's, we are committed to enhancing and strengthening relationships in our school, parish and in the wider community to create a Christian environment that EMPOWERS all.  Our school community recognizes, values and promotes inclusiveness, friendship and peace.


  • To provide a frame work for consistent decision making for those seeking enrolment in St Flannan's Catholic Parish Primary School.
  • To ensure the school enrolment policy complies with Brisbane Catholic Education.
  • Ensure that the school enrolment policy complies with Brisbane Catholic Education EASP (Enrolment Application Support Process)


Hierarchy of Enrolment where there is a vacancy and more than one application for enrolment:

  1. Siblings have an automatic entry to the school – family is already in the St Flannan's school community
  2. Catholic children from St Flannan's Catholic parish – actively practising Catholics.
  3. Catholic children living in the St Flannan's Catholic parish – non-practising Catholics 
  4. Catholic children living beyond the St Flannan's parish boundary
  5. Children of past students – long standing family connection with our community.
  6. Children of other Christian denominations, where parents accept child participation in the faith learning within the school.
  7. Children of other faiths, where parents accept child participation in the Catholic faith learning at St Flannan's.
  8. Other children in order of application.

An Enrolment is verified when the necessary Confirmation of Enrolment form is received by the school. This includes a $250 non-refundable deposit (included in the following year's school fees). This deposit secures the enrolment position and confirms a parent's intention to attend St Flannan's. Note: Fees will be paid out at 75% pro rata of remaining school year if leaving to local fee-paying school.

Parents may defer the start date until the following year after accepting an enrolment if there are circumstances affecting their child's start date i.e. work, family, health reasons or delayed entry. This deferral must be discussed and approved with the school principal.

Roles and responsibilities

The school will conduct best practice throughout the enrolment process…

  • Consider a student's ability to Access, Participate, and achieve Authentic Outcomes
  • Consider and explore an understanding of the needs of all students in the class along with those being enrolled – verified and non-verified.
  • Consider the reasonable accessibility of a student to a teacher.
  • Thoughtfully measure the amount of support available for the class
  • Consider teacher experience and training (professional development) to meet the needs of students.
  • Consider physical size of classrooms and the ability to house the number of students and teachers/school officers required.
  • Ensure the EASP for students with a disability is conducted according to BCE Guidelines.
  • Clearly communicate the purpose, benefits and expectations for avenues of communication in the school – Schoolzine access to Newsletter and Newsflashes, BCE Connect App, Facebook.
  • Provide parent information pack to parents to support them in making an informed decision.
  • Take prospective parents and children on a walk/tour of the school to see facilities and classrooms.

    Parent/Caregivers will:
  • Provide all necessary documents to support a child's enrolment e.g. Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Immunisation documents, Visas, Passports.
  • Complete all forms (Enrolment and Confirmation forms) truthfully, disclosing any information that may be pertinent to the enrolment process. 
  • Attend an initial interview followed by an Orientation Day (Prep enrolment only) to ensure that the school has every opportunity to know and understand the child's needs.

    Students will:
  • Participate in the enrolment process to allow the school to get to know them and so that they can get to know the school.
  • Share their likes / interests and their fears / challenges.
  • Take home a picture or piece of writing from their interview to stick on the fridge.
  • You will need to click on this link St Flannan's Enrolment Application​, enter and review the required details, complete and submit the form. We will then contact you regarding the next steps. Online enrolments for are now live. 
Enrolment forms are available via this link
enter and review the required details, complete and submit the form. We will then contact you regarding the next steps.