Professional Practice and Collaborative Relationships Policy


We believe that the highest standards of professional practice are essential to supporting high quality teaching and learning for the development of the whole child.
It is only through the development of collaborative, supportive, inter-personal relationships that professional practice is possible.
Relationships founded on the Gospel values are integral to the wholistic development of students, staff, parents and wider community of St Flannan’s Primary School. 
Meaningful; Collaborative; Child-Centred; Positive; Respectful; Reflective.
Our professional practices and collaborative relationships should be conducted following Gospel Values in the Catholic tradition so as to support high quality teaching and learning.
Teachers will continuously evaluate the effectiveness of all aspects of the teaching and learning cycle to ensure they are EMPOWERED to meet the learning needs of all their students. They will develop and evaluate learning programs, teach, assess, provide feedback on student learning and report to parents/carers.
Teachers will regularly engage in rigorous Performance Development processes to enhance professional practice.  The school will provide opportunities for high quality professional development in connection with the latest research and pedagogy as supported by BCE.
St Flannan’s strives to develop positive relationships by following the Gospel values and supporting the core values of BCE including the BCE Code of Conduct.
The school will UNITE and;
  • collaborate with clergy and parish bodies to strengthen the shared mission of Church and school;
  • NURTURE partnerships with Parish, students, parents, School Board, P&F, professional bodies, government agencies and the wider community;
  • adhere to all relevant legislative and mandated requirements.
We RECOGNISE, accept and welcome differences and their importance in the development of relationships. While we accept that there will sometimes be breakdowns in communication, the school will strive to ensure they are learning experiences that are always resolved with the best interests of the child at the centre of all decisions.