Principal's Message

​​​ ​​​Welcome to St Flannan's School, we are a school proudly founded by the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters in 1954 and have a rich tradition of living the Charism of the Holy Spirit.

'Alive in the Spirit' we are nurtured by Spirit as we strive to be a faith community, inspired by story and Gospel Values. We look to the person and vision of Jesus to guide our direction. Jesus promoted a world where care, compassion, seeking justice, freedom, honesty, trust, integrity, respect, responsibility, understanding, tolerance and inclusion prevail.

The St Flannan's Vision and Mission describes the hopes and dreams for our school community and expresses who we are, what we do and how we do it; in fact, we call our vision and mission St Flannan's Way. 

At St Flannan’s we are guided by our Vision and Mission Statement which asks us to;​

  • UNITE together as One, as we are blessed by our differences.​
  • Look within and NURTURE the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our personal spirituality.
  • ENCOURAGE children to learn, grow and celebrate a love of learning while pursuing their personal best.
  • Look to others and RECOGNISE them as an inspiration in our own lives.
  • Go and Act, EMPOWERED by the Holy Spirit to gently create ‘change for a better world’.

We work in partnerships with parents, carers, families, and local and global communities encouraging dynamic and collaborative relationships.  Our shared memories draw inspiration from many cultures, knowledge, and histories.

At our school we promote a student-centred, holistic and inclusive approach to learning, recognising that each student has different strengths, needs and backgrounds and celebrating this diversity. We value the importance of personalised and differentiated learning, with a focus on student progress and growth regardless of the starting point.

We nurture student learning and wellbeing and build individuals capacity to be resilient, independent, persistent, collaborative, and creative. We have high expectations for our learners, and these are fostered through challenging experiences that make connections to the real world, provoking curiosity, innovative thinking, and a love of learning.

If you share these values and beliefs, we encourage you to apply for enrolment at our wonderful school.

​ Cheryl Bell,​ Principal