Principal's Message

Welcome to St Flannan’s Catholic Parish School which is administered by the Brisbane Catholic Education Office on behalf of the Archbishop of Brisbane. We are a school proudly founded by the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters in 1954 and have a rich tradition of living the Charism of the Holy Spirit.

We look to the person and vision of Jesus to guide our direction. Jesus promoted a world where care, compassion, seeking, justice, freedom, honesty, trust, integrity, respect, responsibility, understanding, tolerance & inclusion prevail.

At St Flannan’s we are guided by our Vision and Mission Statement which asks us to;

UNITE together as One, as we are blessed by our differences.

Look within and NURTURE the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our personal spirituality.

ENCOURAGE children to learn, grow and celebrate a love of learning while pursuing their personal best.


Look to others and RECOGNISE them as an inspiration in our own lives.

Go and Act, EMPOWERED by the Holy Spirit to gently create ‘change for a better world’.


If you share these values and beliefs we encourage you to apply for enrolment at our wonderful school.


Jo-Anne Boyle​ Principal