Principal's Message

St Flannan’s Catholic Parish School is administered by the Brisbane Catholic Education Office on behalf of the Archbishop of Brisbane.

As a community of faith within the Archdiocese of Brisbane, St Flannan’s is committed to an educational ministry that embraces and promotes lifelong faith learning. 

We look to the person and vision of Jesus to guide our direction. Jesus promoted a world where care, compassion, seeking, justice, freedom, honesty, trust, integrity, respect, responsibility, understanding, tolerance & inclusion prevail.


As a Catholic School we respond likewise:


  • we are a multicultural, inclusive school not a  private school
  • we celebrate difference and promote friendship and peace
  • we nurture a personal spirituality
  • we encourage and celebrate a love of learning
  • we recognize, value and access all available resources for the continued development of the learning environment;
  • we empower children to be individual, self-confident and considerate.


If you share these values and beliefs we invite you to apply for enrolment.


Paul Mitchell Principal


We don't come to school to be better than others.

We come to school to better ourselves by being able to work with others.