Multi-age Years


As a school we want what is 'best' for the students who attend. Multiage is a ‘best practice’. Research into multiage suggests that there are many benefits for students who engage in multiage classrooms.

The research comments that students can expect:

  • better results in the Year 3,5,7,9 state testing,
  • improved mental health,
  • improved positive attitudes towards school,
  • improved cognitive abilities.


Furthermore the research comments that:

  • the longer students are in multi-age the more likely they will have positive attitudes and higher academic achievement,
  • multiage is beneficial for multicultural children, boys, and underachievers - in terms of academic achievement and mental health,
  • multiage is beneficial for all students in all circumstances and ability ranges and
  • student learning is not hindered.


What are the multiage classrooms like? It is hard to put into words, so I would suggest you make an appointment (ring Reception on 3265 3666) to come, see and experience multiage for yourself.