Parenting Tips from Play is the Way

​These tips for parents were offered by Play is the Way.

  1. Accept your importance as a role model and make every effort to be the best role model you can be. Recognize that this may call for personal change and improvement.
  2. Trusting that your children love you, allows you to do the “parent things” that may sometimes make them dislike you for a while.
  3. Try to always be the adult you claim to be and have the emotional self-control to offer firm guidance, support and moral leadership. Sympathize with them but try not to solve their problems for them.
  4. Separate your needs from those of your children. They can’t live your dreams.
  5. Try to always use reason not rage. Avoid fighting fire with fire. Be in control of your feelings and your actions so that your children can learn to be in control of theirs.
  6. Show faith in your school. Prepare your children to work hard so that teachers can help them to learn well. Establish rights, rules, responsibilities and routines in your household and let every child do their bit. Give them chores, square meals, the time to talk and the sleep they need.
  7. Turn the TV off when you can and turn the conversation on where possible. And remember; loving them is easy, it’s rearing them that’s hard but it does get easier with practice.
  8. Role model good manners at all times and ask for them in return. Good manners often diffuse conflict situations.
  9. By acknowledging small improvements in behaviour you make it easier for big improvements to follow.
  10. Try to avoid thinking that you can save your children from getting hurt (emotionally or physically). Instead, prepare them to cope.


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