Parent Ideas

In 2010 the P&F have established membership with Michael Grose Presnetations - Parenting Ideas. Michael Grose is a parenting expert. He provides parents and carers with tips, ideas and advice. Below are ideas that we have published in the school newsletter. You can also visit the webist for more on parenting.


We have a range of resources for parents:




  • Optimism - 10 essential optimism skills to teach your kids so they can achieve.
  • Coping - 12 essential coping strategies every child can use when life gets hard.
  • Unwinding - 10 relaxation ideas for kids and teens to reduce anxiety and maintain good mental health.
  • Organising - 12 organisational ideas to help boys (and girls) succeed
  • Friends - 17 essential social skills every child needs to make and retain friends.
  • Relating - 12 essential relationship skills kids can learn in their family that stay for life!



  • Best Behaviour
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Teenagers
  • Confidence
  • Boys


​Sleep Deprivation
Sibling Conflict